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Hello and welcome to my new  site. I'm so excitted that this is my very first  Site on the net. My Cat's names are Minnie & Pearl. They are two new kitten's in our household now. We also have two dog's Named Tinkerbell and Leo and a bird name peedy... He's a parakeet.. I  been  Making background Tiles for sometime now and I have a passion for it.

  Their will also be  terms of useage of my tiles on this site. I have to protect my graphics.. I'm glad you have found my site.

Now to the Terms of use which will be the next page coming up. Please do not copy and paste my tiles to your own site. You will use up my bandwidth   and that is stealing.....All Tiles  must have a link back to this site on your site. thanks Pearl.

Here is terms of use. Please follow all my terms  of use and we  will get along just fine on me sharing my tiles with you all.

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Terms of Use